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Eddie West, LA Landscaper

Hanging out in LA is great – go to the beach? catch a local band? have coffee with authors? – all chill and worth an extended trip.

Most who come here on vacation do a few touristy things, miss out on the cool stuff, and sometimes leave disappointed.

This trip to LA after Mt. Baldy’s Big Horn Music Collective has given me a chance to get back into LA life. Since I’m a gardener I happened to get a referral to do a little backyard project for someone. Check out my first, and certainly not last, LA garden project:

This happened because a friend of someone I met is throwing a party this weekend and wants to have a little fire pit area installed. She designed it, and the pictures show my progress throughout the day.

If you want to check out more gardening work I’ve done, please surf over to my Chasing the Harvest section and take a look at more projects there.

Eddie West, not a web designer. is back for the 4th, 6th, 9th or 12th time!

Ah yes, rejoice people of the internet, Eddie once again got his act together and published a web page.  Was it that hard?  Well, yeah, kind of.  Eddie’s no web designer, he’s a musician. But this summer he cleared his schedule to begin a new music project.  Stay tuned for more…

Oh yeah, and he lives in Los Angeles now!  At least until he ends up on skid row and they ship him upstate to pick vegetables.  There’s a song in there somewhere, and he’ll find it, honing his songwriting craft in the great City of Angels… writing in the third person… becoming the warm-hearted, traveling storyteller, playing harp and making loops, rambling on about life and nature and…well, you get the point.

Welcome back to