Eddie West took a trip to New Mexico’s Sangre de Cristo Mountains as a teenager to go backpacking. The vast expanses and pinyon pine forests left a lasting imprint in contrast to the east coast suburb where he grew up. Then checking into a hotel in Santa Fe, he turned on the TV and caught a broadcast of Bob Dylan’s MTV Unplugged. West explored the city the rest of the afternoon with the Sangre de Cristo Mountains, the city life in Santa Fe and Dylan’s music taking root in his mind.

Over the years West has called many places home, including Fort Collins, CO, Tucson and Phoenix, AZ, and Los Angeles, Monterey and Davis, CA. In Phoenix’s spreading metropolis West gigged regularly at coffee shops and bars, drove to LA to record an LP, and ditched his last name in favor of something more akin to his adopted nomadic lifestyle.

Now in between stints as a scientist with an advanced degree, he travels the country writing, performing and recording music – a lifetime passion. Tours can turn into months long side trips working on farms and meeting new friends, playing music and exploring the outdoors.

On stage West plays solo acoustic guitar and harmonica.  Along with his catalogue of originals and improvised jams, his shows include covers from the great songwriters of the 60’s and 70’s like Dylan, Paul Simon, Neil Young and others. West’s albums include session players from diverse backgrounds to fill in the colors and textures of what has been hailed by many as “really chill!”

Currently working on his 4th LP, critics variously compare him to Nick Drake or Elvis Costello, John Denver or Michael Hedges. In all he’s his own dude, a modern-day singer/songwriter sharing his passion for nature, friendship and the freedom of the open road.