Chasing the Harvest

This page is to showcase some of my work in horticulture. My enjoyment of plants and other aspects of the landscape started at a young age and expanded to include farming and environmental conservation. This is quite popular nowadays! Earth is in fact a garden that we need to take care of to mitigate the negative impacts caused by humans.

I try to do my part, albeit on a very small scale. Maybe you think that’s hippy mumbo-jumbo, but in the process I get to enjoy the outdoors, grow food, make properties look nice and sometime contribute to scientific knowledge through teaching and research!

Below are pictures from work I’ve done in the past few years as the owner of Estate Gardens. That’s a play on New Jersey’s slogan, “The Garden State,” and also highlights the attention to detail in my work.

I am always looking for work too! Perhaps you have a project you need help with. My talents are in demand around the country (truly), and I look forward to working with you if you have a project in mind. Currently I reside in the Los Angeles area and am working on a few gardens for interested customers. Please let me know if there is a project that you’ve been waiting to do and need help with.

Long distance travel (national/international) fees are waived with a deposit. Please contact me to book a project.

Fine Gardening

This border of yews (Taxus sp.) was planted when the house was constructed.
Several years later the owners decided to install something more colorful.

Superstorm Sandy ripped this Norway Spruce out of the ground!
A raised bed vegetable and herb garden was installed for the backyard.

This property line (along the rope) needed a privacy hedge.
Myself and a team of workers installed arborvitae (Thuja x ‘Green Giant’)

This is a ‘Square Foot Garden’ that needed a spring cleaning.
Rocks aligned, weeds pulled, stray strawberry clones organized, organic matter added, etc.

Here is a wooded property that gets overtaken by weeds every year.
Here the property is weeded and mulched.

The same property, near the house.
After weeding and mulching.

Beekeeping, an interest I’ve pursued, requires regular monitoring to ensure hive health.
After two years a hive will start producing extra honey for harvest.


100 ft. rock wall under construction…ok it ended up being 94 ft.

Ground settling caused a trip hazard on the approach to these steps.
Bluestone pieces reset an hour or two later (right).

Regularly power washing hardscapes keeps them looking new!
A much nicer looking approach to the house.


Clif Family Farm (Pope Valley, CA)
Kerr’s Kornstand (Pennington, NJ)
Sun One Organic Farm (Bethlehem, CT)